The Blue Bridge of Tri-Cities gets us between Kennewick and Pasco over the mighty Columbia River. It replaced the "Green Bridge" which was unable to handle all the traffic. The former Green Bridge was replaced by today's Cable Bridge.  According to Wikipedia:

The bridge was first proposed in 1949 as the previous bridge (commonly referred to as the "Green Bridge") was unable to handle the 10,000+ cars that were crossing it daily. Work on the bridge was begun on September 19, 1951. Work was completed in the summer of 1954 with a total cost of about $7.1 million. The bridge was dedicated without an official name on July 30, 1954. The "Pioneer Memorial Bridge" moniker was chosen in a radio contest in 1967, but locals used their own nicknames. After the bridge was repainted from green to blue, the "Blue Bridge" moniker became the most popular among Tri-City residents. A 15-by-25-foot (4.6 by 7.6 m) United States flag flies atop the bridge, which was added during the re-decking of the bridge in 1986 through a donation drive sponsored by the Shriners.

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This is cool, in 2005, the Blue Bridge, it was announced:

"that funding had been obtained in order to remedy the situation, by modifying the approaches and exits to the bridge, especially at the Highway 395 southbound exit on the Kennewick side of the bridge. This included constructing two roundabouts in place of the usual cloverleaf pattern. Construction began February 23 and was completed in October 2009."

And, that's not all. In 2002, the Blue Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If that isn't a truly wonderful honor, I don't know what is!!

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