Marijuana is already legal in Las Vegas, but cannot be smoked in public, or in a hotel. That is about to change.

  Vegas hotel rebrands as the only pot-friendly venue in the US

The Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas will soon re-open this spring with something no motel or hotel has in the U.S.--an entire floor dedicated to pot-smoking guests.

  According to Forbes and other sources, The Artisan, which is owned by an Arizona company, is going to utilize the entire fourth floor for pot smokers. It will change it's name to the Lexi Boutique Hotel.

The hotel, located just off the Strip in the Vegas Arts District, is going to utilize a series of air purifiers and other methods to allow the entire fourth floor (as well as some common areas) to be utilized for freely smoking pot.

According to Forbes Magazine writer Will McGough:

"The new 64-room Lexi says it “will be the first [hotel] in Las Vegas to introduce the idea of cannabis-friendly hospitality, while also putting a focus on providing guests and locals with transformative spaces that are inviting, approachable, and completely unique.”

Current local laws forbid smoking in hotels, and many of them try to deter it by threatening to charge guests additional money if they light up and leave the room smelling like pot. According to Forbes and hotel officials, the Lexi will be different.

Their goal is to cater to the needs and desires of pot-smoking guests, and say they will offer an experience unlike any other.

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There's been no official opening date yet, but hotel officials say prospective guests who are interested can sign up to be notified when the place begins taking reservations.


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