According to multiple sources, including The Associated Press, Kelly Blue Book and others, Tesla has issued a recall for nearly all of the vehicles it has sold in the US, about 2 million.

  Recall has to do with potential defects in auto-drive system

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has concluded a two-year investigation into a series of Tesla crashes while the car's Autopilot partially automated driving system was being utilized.

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The study, which dates back to 2014 and includes nearly all the vehicles sold in the US, has to do with the system possibly leading to drivers relying on it too much--which has led to some deadly crashes.

According to the AP, from June, 2022:

"The agency found that it’s being used in areas where its capabilities are limited, and that many drivers aren’t taking action to avoid crashes despite warnings from the vehicle."

 The AP also said this week:

"Documents posted Wednesday by U.S. safety regulators say the update will increase warnings and alerts to drivers and even limit the areas where basic versions of Autopilot can operate."

The study included at least 16 crashes that were described as deadly, involving collisions with emergency vehicles, despite warnings.

The center of the recall is to fix what the NHTSA says are defects in Autopilot's methods of ensuring drivers are paying attention, which can lead to possible "misuse of the system." That likely means drivers too often expect Autopilot to do more than what it's designed for.

The models recalled for software upgrades include Y, S, 3, and X, produced between October 5th, 2012, and December 7th, 2023.

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