There has been a bit of a resurgence of arcades in the last decade or so. What once was the go-to hangout spot in many malls and pizza parlors across the nation is now taking the demographic that grew up with them in the '80s and '90s and now have bars that also have these classic video games.

It's a can't-lose combination when it's done right.

There are several you can visit here in Washington State. here's a list of great ones you can check out any time you're in one of these towns.

Round 1
Tukwila, WA

Round 1 is great as it features newer arcade games, plenty of crane games to win prizes and also features bowling and even karaoke. Plenty to do here at Southgate Mall.

Dave and Busters
Bellevue, WA

Often referred to as a 'grown-up chuck e. cheese', this place is great as it has amazing food and is family friendly along with all the fun games you can play.

Seattle, WA

Gameworks was the first new arcade I heard of when they started bringing in more and more new games to the United States from Japan (Dance Dance Revolution, etc). Glad to see it's still there in downtown Seattle.

8-bit Arcade Bar
Renton, WA

Plenty of great arcade machines and pinball on a cool block in Renton, WA.

Power Up Arcade Bar
Kennewick, WA

Across from Columbia Center Mall you'll find Tri-Cities first arcade bar.

Seattle, WA

If you love pinball, Add-a-Ball is a must on your journey.

Time Warp
Seattle, WA

Very neat spot to check out.

Dorky's Arcade
Tacoma, WA

After a quick trip to Dorky's in Tacoma you'll see why it's a favorite spot in town for many.

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