As a huge fan of tap water I'm happy to say that we have some of the best tasting tap water right here in Washington state.

Trying the tap water in other states when I travel, well, sometimes it just tastes different.

Do you ever leave your kitchen to drink tap water from the bathroom because for some reason, the water in the bathroom just tastes better than the water in the kitchen? Why is that? (Well, that's another mystery for another time.)

Filling glass of tap water
Elena Elisseeva

Each year, the American Water Works Association holds a Water Taste Test from all across the United States to find the best water in the US and Canada.

American Water Works Association calls themselves the AWWA, but they should have called themselves the American Quality Water Association so it would be "AQWA", pronounced like aqua.

Oh well, that's a lost opportunity!

Which city in Washington state has the best tap water?

AWWA gives out awards for two categories, namely, the Best of the Best and the People's Choice.

In 2023, Vancouver won 2nd best for this taste test, thereby making it the best tap water in Washington state.

In 2024, Emporia, Kan., came in 1st place for Best of the Best.

The People's Choice award for the city with the best tap water was given to Vancouver, Wash.!

Yes, the tap water in Vancouver tastes even better than Tumwater, WA - a town that prides itself on its cool, crisp, fresh drinking tap water, boasting that comes basically straight from Mt. Rainier.

Even though so many of our towns could have won this prestigious spot, the best spot for tap water is Vancouver, Wash.!

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