Silverwood Theme Park Expands With New "Longest" Water Coaster Near WA State

If you are looking for a great road trip this summer, you'll love checking out the newest addition to one of PNW's biggest theme parks.

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My family and I have enjoyed Silverwood Theme Park through the years and their newest addition at Boulder Beach has caused quite a buzz.

If you haven't been to Silverwood in a few years, you might want to make the road trip to see the "longest" water coaster in America.

youtube: silverwood
youtube: silverwood
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If you haven't heard, Silverwood Theme Park, located near Spokane Washington, has been working on a massive expansion of their popular Boulder beach area and they've added a new Water Coaster ride called Eagle Hunt.

What does Eagle Hunt exactly do?

Here are details on the new ride from the Silverwood Theme Park website:

Eagle Hunt is the first dueling water coaster in the West and the LONGEST dueling water coaster in the United States. Standing at 925 feet in length, riders will race against the clock as they slide through 3 high-speed flying SAUCERs, get blasted up 4 hills, and dive through the first ProSlide Shadow Effect before you splash at the bottom.

With this water coaster having two lanes, you can race against your friends, and they are setting up a truly unique time trial experience where you can pick your prey and race down the slide like an eagle in pursuit of its prey. If you reach the bottom in the specified time, you will have "caught" your prey. If you don't make it in time, the prey will have got away.

It sounds like a blast and worth checking out. You might want to add this to your family's summer road trip if you are looking for something fun to do during the school break.

Get more details on the new addition to Boulder Beach here.

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