Suri Cruise appears to be distancing herself from her dad, Tom Cruise.

Suri, who is the daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes, has reportedly dropped the Cruise part of her name on a casting sheet for the Broadway play Head Over Heels, according to The Sun.

Suri recently turned 18 and is allegedly now listed under the name of Suri Noelle on the casting sheet. The new name does have some meaning behind it, because Noelle is her mother's middle name.

Despite her reported new name appearing on the casting bill for the play, The Sun reports that Suri's birth certificate still has her name listed as Suri Cruise.

Tom and Holmes were first spotted together in 2005 and shortly after was when Tom gave his infamous confessional of love for Holmes when he appeared on Oprah.

The couple got engaged in the same year that they met and welcomed Suri the following year in 2006. Tom and Holmes were married by the end of that year.

However, they were only married for 6 years before they ultimately split in 2012 with Holmes getting sole custody of Suri. The Sun reports that Suri has not seen her dad since 2013.

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Last year, the Daily Mail reported that Tom was not involved in Suri's life.

"Suri does not know her father anymore and she has not spent time with him in a decade," the insider told the publication.

"She does not go to see his movies and he has no part in her life," they said.

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