A professional waxer is in serious hot water after allegedly allowing her underage daughter to wax nude clients.

Twitter (now X) users were shocked after coming across photos of a young child seemingly waxing the bikini area of a woman who was completely naked from the waist down.

The child’s mother is a professional waxer and allegedly allowed her daughter to complete waxes on 24 clients.

The original video of the child, who appeared to be under the age of 10, has since been deleted.

However, the clip has since been re-posted and circulated on social media, where it's gone viral.

“I’m just shocked at the clients who accepted a little girl to wax them down there. That’s so odd. Like no one found that alarming and called the police?” one person tweeted on the app.

Thankfully, people did call the police: Over 50 people reportedly called the authorities to report what they had seen on social media, and police were able to find the woman's information.

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The Memphis Police Department have since released a statement to let the public know they they are investigating the situation.

“The Memphis Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has been made aware of images that are viral on social media of a minor performing a wax on a nude female. A joint investigation is underway by MPD and the Department of Children’s Services," they said in a statement.

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