Can Tri-Cities Washington Get Snow During The Summer Months?

Have you ever been curious about whether it has snowed in the summertime in Washington State? 

The answer to this question may surprise you as I was surprised by the findings as well.

How Much Snow Does Washington State Get During The Summer Months?

The short answer is yes—Washington State has experienced summer snowfall.

While this phenomenon is rare, it does happen occasionally, typically during the late spring or early autumn months.

It tends to occur most frequently on higher-elevation mountain peaks such as Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak, and Mount Adams.


In most areas of the state, the average temperature in the summer months ranges from the mid-60s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit, which is generally too warm for snow to form.

If you are thinking that Tri-Cities could have a snowstorm in summer, it's highly unlikely in the Columbia Basin.

I did find some snowfall in June dating back to 2012 and here's what the findings were according to

Mount Rainier averages about 6 inches in June but has seen up to 47.5" during the month so it is possible to have snowfall in the summer in Washington State.

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Only one year since 2000 has Mt. Rainier featured no snow in June according to

Snow can fall in unusual circumstances, for example, in higher elevations of the Cascades or other mountain ranges, snow can fall year-round, including in the summer months.


In addition, unusual weather patterns, such as an unseasonable cold snap or a sudden storm, could potentially bring snowfall to lower elevations during the summer.

Nonetheless, such an occurrence is extremely rare and not typical for our region of the state.

It may seem strange to think that it can snow in the summertime in Washington State but rest assured it does happen occasionally—although usually just on higher elevation mountain peaks like Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak.

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