When you’re picking colors, putting together the request list for your DJ and adding items to your registry, divorce is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. After all, you’re about to embark on that road to “happily ever after.” 

Unfortunately, marriage doesn’t always play out like the lyrics of some beautiful Bryan Adams, John Legend or Ed Sheeran song. Major life events happen. Past traumas creep up. Couples find themselves facing situations that they never dreamed of when they exchanged “I dos” years ago. Thanks to apps like Better Help, Talkspace and ReGain, access to marriage counselors and mental health professionals has never been easier. While that access has really made a difference for some couples, sometimes it’s just not enough and it’s better to go separate ways. 


Divorce is never easy, but if you’ve ultimately decided it’s the best thing for all parties involved, do you know what it takes to get divorced in Idaho? According to Dads Divorce, Idaho is the fourth easiest state to get divorce in the country. To get divorced, the plaintiff only needs to have a permanent residence in Idaho for six weeks before proceeding with the request to divorce their spouse. From there,  there’s a 21-day waiting period for taking the next steps.

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We’re both a no-fault and fault divorce state. No fault means you don’t have to prove that you need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong. Fault means you’ll need to prove your spouse did something that falls under one of Idaho’s “causes for divorce” and that’s why you’re choosing to file.

So what are Idaho’s legal “causes for divorce?” There’s a section of the Idaho Code that spells it out pretty plainly.

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