A very interesting Thursday afternoon for the staff of the Benton County Jail, Deputies from the Benton County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher and Officers from the Kennewick Police Department, as an inmate, labeled a trustee, allegedly escaped after hopping over a fence while performing duties outside of a gated area, then apparently made a beeline to Target to reportedly steal some new clothes, because, you know, a jumpsuit with "BCC" markings has the look of someone who should be locked up, that's pretty hard to conceal, then, sporting the new stolen duds, he was quickly re-captured trying to further flee right across a busy Columbia Center Blvd. at the Red Lion Hotel in Kennewick.

goldfish jumping out of the water
If you were in the area of Columbia Center Blvd near Target you may have seen a large police presence. Gerardo Uribe, a 47 year old male, took an opportunity to escape from the Benton County Jail while working as a jail trustee.
Uribe was outside the walls of the jail in his capacity as a trustee when he ran, jumped over a wall and entered Target.
Inside Target he stole some clothing to disguise his jail uniform. He was found running away from Target and taken into custody by Deputies with an assist from Sheriff Hatcher.
Uribe now faces additional Felony charges for his failed attempt.
We would like to thank Kennewick PD for their assistance. As our jurisdictions frequently overlap we find ourselves working together in many instances.
Thank you for your teamwork.

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