A Sunnyside man is accused of shooting his neighbor after an argument over dogs.

Joel Barajas-Gonzalez is charged with first-degree assault after he admitted to shooting his neighbor on February 10th. The Yakima County Sheriff's Office responded to a report just after 9 pm on the 3000 block of Outlook Road.

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A caller stated that a man was shot by their neighbor.

Upon arrival, Deputies found a man laying in the front yard. The man suffered a gunshot to the leg. The man told police that he had been shot by his neighbor, Barajas-Gonzalez.

According to the victim, the two were arguing just before the shooting.

The victim had walked over to Barajas-Gonzalez' driveway and, "told him to keep his dog in his yard," after Barajas-Gonzalez' dog had fought with the victim's dog. When the victim was walking back to his home, he heard 3 gunshots and felt one had hit his leg. He fell to the ground. The victim said he knew the neighbor had shot him. The victim told Police that this wasn't the first time Barajas-Gonzalez had shot at their home.

Barajas-Gonzalez holed up in his home, and after several minutes, he was ordered to come out. He finally cooperated and was taken into custody after admitting to the shooting. Officers found bullets in his pocket matching the victim's wound.

Barajas-Gonzalez is due for arraignment on First-Degree assault on February 27th. You can read more from our KNDU News partners, here.

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