Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity eating at a restaurant in the area? have you ever taken a double-take and thought, was that who I thought it was?

It's not your mind playing tricks on you, it was Justin Bieber in North Idaho over the weekend.

The North Idaho News reported over the weekend that Justin Bieber was spotted dining and hanging out with friends in Coeur D'Alene and JB's Instagram is loaded up with pictures. You can check out the pictures here.

Bieber can easily be seen hanging out with friends at Gozzer Ranch and anyone from our area can easily recognize the landscape with the trees and lake in the background.

Bieber was spotted in town and he took some pictures with locals as he dined and vacationed in the area.

Bieber was also dressed up in gear from Drew House and tagged them in an Instagram post.

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You can read more details about the sighting here.

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