Everybody has a hobby and my wife's passion is plants. I'm not talking about flowers, my wife likes loves plants. We have close to 30 houseplants in our home and I have zero ideas on how she keeps them all alive. She's gonna be dragging me to Spokane, I just know it. Here's why.

There's a plant shop in SpokaneWashington

I've dragged my wife all over the Pacific Northwest to see my favorite bands and musical artists so it's only fair I do the same for her. She would absolutely love to visit The Chop Shop in Spokane.

TheChopShop, Etsy
TheChopShop, Etsy

This shop for houseplant enthusiasts has been a real hit on Etsy but I'm sure my wife and I will be visiting them in person by the summer. I'm not sure when they opened, but their Facebook page indicates it was sometime around the spring of 2021. Reviews on both their Facebook and Etsy pages indicate they are well-loved by plant enthusiasts all around the world.

Spokane has a lot of really unique local businesses that make it a great day trip for Washington residents. I really love going to concerts at the Knitting Factory, eating at D-Lish's Burgers, and eating tater tot casserole at the Guilded Unicorn, and I'm sure my wife will have an amazing time on our next trip.

The greatest music stars from Washington

We all know about the influential grunge scene of Seattle that brought the end of hair metal at the dawn of the 1990s. But did you know even more artists have called Washington home? A lot of these artists come from Seattle but some come from Spokane and even the Tri-Cities.

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