I'm from a small town in Washington right along the Idaho border. I'm from Clarkston and occasionally I like to read the newsfeed from the old home area. I came across a story yesterday that made me chuckle and I thought I'd share it with you.

Luckily no one got hurt but I can imagine the stares this police chase got from drivers and on-lookers.

It involved a juvenile, a golf cart, and a slow-speed police chase. It happened across the river from my hometown in Lewiston Idaho.

According to the Lewiston Police, a child decided to take his parent's golf cart for a joyride and lead police on a slow chase up Thain Road. it's a busy road so seeing a slow-moving golf cart with a bunch of police in pursuit must've been a sight.

Officers attempted to get out of their cruisers once the golf cart stopped and then it would take off again.

One officer eventually got in front of the golf cart and jumped on to stop the child from driving off and took control of the golf cart.

The juvenile was returned to his parents who were happy that he was unharmed and the child wasn't charged with a crime because the child has a disability and was out thinking they were just having a good time.

I'd be surprised if this story doesn't make the national news. I'm glad everyone is ok but it did give me a chuckle. You can read more details about the story here.

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