A Eugene Oregon Arcade Bar has launched a copyright infringement suit against a newly open Kennewick Arcade Bar over the name "Level Up".

Level Up is common language among video game enthusiasts and now it seems it will be the center of a copyright lawsuit that could force the Kennewick Bar to change its name.

Level Up Kennewick's owner got the inspiration for the name after a Ciara hit and now he's facing a lawsuit that says differently.

Level Up (the Eugene Bar) is contending the Kennewick Level Up saying the bar poached their name and they have the copyright for it.

The copyright was approved in March and only covers the Entertainment category under non-casino arcades in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California but retros back to the original application date of 2017.

Will the cease and desist win the day?

The lawsuit and details are just heating up and you can check out more details here.



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