Is it just me? Or is the Tri-Cities FINALLY getting some interesting places to dine?  We used to have to choose from just a couple restaurants in town, but it seems we are movin' up in the world when it comes to casual and fine dining!

Last night Tony & I went to the "Soft Grand Opening" of the new Kennewick City Grill (Hwy 395, formerly Fat Olives)

JD Nolan's Dad "Tiny"  and his family own the restaurant  along with the "Fat Olives" restaurant in Richland. They decided to change up the menu at the Kennewick location to something a bit different and rename it.  And I like what I see!

You can find them on facebook too!

They've done some remodeling,  added a cocktail bar area and spruced up the place with interesting decor and paintings.

We dined on some scrumptious beef bites for appetizers which had warm blue cheese sauce and pita points and Wowza!  AWESOME! I highly recommend those! Then I ate a HUGE Chicken Sandwhich, called the "Californian" complete with avocado. Tony had Rib eye steak! Our server Katie was amazing! All of it was excellent!

You can find all your favorites entrees;   Pasta, Rib-eye, Bone in Pork , Grilled Chicken, Baby Back Ribs etc. Or salads, sandwiches, and burgers. The Onion Rings were to die for! Everything we ate was wonderful!

I'm not much of a drinker, but I had an X-rated Lemon drop and boy was it tasty! I however, chose NOT to be the one driving home after that one!

JD says: "We have two "Happy"  Happy Hours  from 2-5pm and again from 9pm-close with awesome drink and food specials!" And then he named off a lot of really great deals which I can't remember! Point is...Cool place! Great friendly people! And excellent food! Go check it out when you get a chance! And say hi to Jd, Tiny, & Katie for me!