Last night, Tony & I played at Veritas Restaurant and Wine Bar. We had a blast! We had a pretty good crowd, and they opened the atrium for the over flow, which is where we played music.

I asked everyone what they thought of the food as I walked around on break and talked to the crowd and everyone was very pleased with their order and service.

They even have an in house Pastry Chef! We ordered some really good Margarita Flat bread to eat in between sets and it was incredible!!

I forgot to take any video for a post from that, but later in the night when we were done with our gig and we were tearing down, Tony noticed the new Costa Vida place next door. Tony is always starving, so before we pulled out of the parking lot, we stopped in and Wow! It's a cool place! It's kind of a fast food Mexican Grill...but, the food did NOT taste FAST FOODISH!

It was incredible! It was served up cafeteria style and I really wasn't expecting much...but it was GREAT! Super good food! I was really surprised actually! Portions were huge! Tony got a pulled pork burrito and I got a fish taco, which was seriously the best I've ever eaten!


So if you are looking for fine dining...with Super good food..Get to Veritas! it's really good! And if you're looking for quick, yummy Mexican Grill...get to Costa Vida! I highly recommend BOTH! Check out the Video below.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Okay...I'm off to go swim with my horse! :)