You have the whole week ahead of you. Sometimes it's just too much to handle. So why not take a little bit of time for yourself and smoke some meth? I've never personally smoked meth, but I know a nice cold beer or a shot of whiskey helps me relax from time to time. I guess it's the same thing with a glass pipe full of delicious meth.

The problem is, this guy decided to smoke meth sitting in a stolen vehicle. As police approached him he said he just wanted to smoke first and led them to believe he would surrender immediately after. But I guess his delicious meth gave him superpowers.

He decided to jam the vehicle into gear and take off. But the delicious meth combined with being a moron caused him to crash the stolen car as he went over a hump in the intersection. Has a hump in the road ever caused you to crash? Then you must not have had enough delicious meth.

He ended up striking a parked car in someone's driveway and landed in their front yard. The delicious meth gave him super-powered running abilities, you know that feeling like when you were ten years old and got new sneakers? Cops caught him anyway. I guess delicious meth only goes so far.

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