A Kennewick man tried to elude Kennewick Police but was caught red-handed with the goods in a porta-potty after trying to hide from the cops.

A total of nine break-ins were reported on the 1900 block of South Harrison Street in Kennewick and police discovered a suspect with multiple steak knives hiding out in a porta-potty and quickly subdued the suspect.

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According to a posting on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page, here's what happened:

On 03/16/21 at 5:49 PM, officers were dispatched to the 1900 block of S Harrison St, Kennewick for a possible burglary in progress. A citizen called the police and advised she heard what she believed to be rubbing and scraping noises outside her window. She went outside and noticed her window screen was cut and there was a steak knife next to her fence. Officers arrived and searched the house for intruders. Luckily no one was found in the house.

credit: kennewick police

As Officers continued to investigate, they noticed other houses in the neighborhood had their window screens cut. It appeared that nine houses in total were identified as having screens cut or contact with the suspect who was later identified as a juvenile male.
Officers searched the area for more information. They came upon a Portable Toilet at a construction site with no workers in the area. The Portable Toilet was showing it was locked.

credit: kennewick police

Officers contacted the subject in the Portable Toilet. The juvenile male exited the Portable Toilet leaving multiple steak knives, matching the one left by the victim’s fence, in the Portable Toilet. It appeared the juvenile male was intoxicated and cutting window screens to open windows and enter the homes.

credit: kennewick police

The juvenile male was booked into the Juvenile Justice Center on attempted Burglary with more counts being investigated. KPD is reminding residents that if you live in the area of 1900 Harrison St, please check the exterior of your home and notify the Kennewick Police of anything suspicious.

Another case solved by the Kennewick Police Department and I think even Sherlock Holmes would be proud of this resolution with that famous tagline --- oh you know that one --- we just can't print it.

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