A felony trying to outrun authorities crashed through a ceiling of a Kennewick home Thursday night. The 29-year old suspect ran into a home on Grant Street, attempting to elude authorities.

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I wonder why the suspect ran into the attic of the home. Where can you go from there? He ran right back into the home he had just exited when he saw US Marshals coming for him.

Credit: Kennewick Police Department Facebook page.
Credit: Kennewick Police Department Facebook page.

Around 6 pm, Patrol Officers and the Kennewick Police Department Criminal Apprehension team surrounded the home in the 400 block of South Grant Street, where the suspect returned.

Lewis Gebbie took off running when he was approached by the US Marshals Task Force. Gebbie was wanted on a felony DOC warrant for the original charge of Assault 2nd-degree with a deadly weapon. The officers were to take Gebbie into custody.

Gebbie wasn't having any of that and ran right back into the home he had just left.

Authorities surrounded the home and made several announcements ordering Gebbie to come out of the residence. Gebbie did NOT comply with the orders. As officers entered the home, Gebbie was located in the attic.

As Gebbie tried to escape the officers, the ceiling gave way. He was then taken into custody.

Gebbie was booked into the Benton County Jail on the DOC warrant for Escape Community Custody.

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