2021 has been a year already, hasn't it? Even in a pandemic, everyday life has to go on. Why should it be any different for the average criminal?

My gosh...catalytic converters are hot right now. Who knew? What about the stolen playground slide found in the home of the catalytic converter thief? This is REAL life.

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And, of course, scammers keep calling. The latest incident was reported on the Kennewick Police Department Facebook page. I only wish something like this would happen to me. (Not really.)

Police were made aware of a potential fraud attempt involving the City of Kennewick Business Development Department. The person representing the Department informed the potential victim that there was a problem with his building permit.

OK. Check it out.

1. The potential victim didn't have a building permit in process.

2. There is NO Business Development Department with the City of Kennewick. (I wouldn't know this)

The potential victim reported the incident to the Kennewick Police Department.

Remember, the City will never call you demanding money. No government agency will call demanding money. No Police Department will call demanding money. If you receive ANY call requesting money or financial information hang up and report it to your local police department.

Scammers are everywhere, even online. Recently, I was having a printer issue. I found myself downloading a program. I deleted it soon after they asked for my credit card information. My goal today is to get the printer online. It will happen and it will be great printing the one document I need.

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