Running a scam is bad enough, but impersonating a police officer can get you some hard time behind bars -- but obviously this scammer doesn't care.

Kennewick Police has been responding to several cases of a scam involving Kennewick Police Sergeant Randy Maynard.

The scammer is calling around impersonating the good sergeant and that's a no-no.

Here is the official report from the Kennewick Police Department.

The reporting parties in the several cases indicated they had received phone messages from an unknown male claiming to be Kennewick Police Sergeant Randy Maynard.  The callers indicated that the reporting party had a warrant for their arrest and needed to return his call as soon as possible in order to avoid being arrested.  While none of the reporting parties spoke to the caller in person this kind of activity to similar to fraudulent calls people have received in the past.  In those calls the suspect requested the victim purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards and provide the numbers to pay off the fines/warrants.  We would like to remind people that regardless of what the caller might say, law enforcement will never call with a threat of warrants or a fine and ask for payment over the phone.  If you receive such a call, please document the information and call our non-emergency number at 509-628-0333 to report it.

As they say, be aware and vigilant as no law enforcement is going to ask for gift cards to pay off a's just not going to happen.


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