In this day and age, a good deed is sometimes hard to come by but the Kennewick Police stepped up and took care of one motorist that was in distress.

Thanks to the Community Care Fund, Kennewick Police were able to get a motorist back on the road through a good deed.

credit: KPD
credit: KPD

A grateful motorist, a tire company doing a good deed, and the Kennewick Police Department serving the community is always a great warm and fuzzy story to start off your weekend.

KPD posted the incident on their Facebook page:

This afternoon Kennewick Police Officers responded to an abandoned vehicle complaint in downtown Kennewick, known as the Parkade.

Traffic Officer Reynolds responded and was ultimately able to contact the registered owner and learned that she had left the car a week ago because she had a flat tire and could not afford a new tire.

Officer Reynolds used the Community Care Fund to buy her a replacement tire.

The Kennewick Police Department would like to thank Jimenez Tires for giving them a great deal on a new tire, and the employees of Washington Hardware and Furniture for helping dig the car out and put the new tire on.

This is another perfect example of the great work KPD officers are able to do with the Community Care Fund, because of the generous donors who contribute.

It's easy to get frustrated with all the snow and broke down vehicles but asking for help could go a long way if you get into a similar situation. Thanks KPD and Jimenez Tires for stepping up and also for the people who've made generous donations to the Community Care Fund.

You can donate to the Community Care Fund at

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