Kennewick Police are warning us of scammers once again. With the second round of stimulus payments from the IRS being distributed to Washingtonians, law enforcement reminds you to be vigilant in keeping that money safe. It's yours. Scammers will stop at nothing to get it.

Officer Greiber informs us of what you may encounter.

According to a press release from,

scammers come up with clever tricks to get their hands on your money, many times they will pose as government officials to trick you out of your stimulus check. Other times, they will create fake websites that look like a stimulus check tracking website.

Just as Officer Greiber said in the above video, the scammer may have your address and information about you.  It's important to note that the IRS will NEVER call you to get information from you.  Do NOT give out ANY of your personal information.

It's also important to note that scammers may send a "Phishing" email, text, or another message via social media claiming they are the government. Never click on a message to "verify" information. Do NOT click on any suspicious links that may take you to a fake website.

Some scammers have gone so far as to mail fake checks that look unbelievably real. If you have ANY question about a check's authenticity, bring the check to your bank and have them verify it.

If you believe you have been the target of scammer, contact your local Police Department and go from there. You should also report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission.

If you have not received your second stimulus payment contact the IRS.

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