This is what happens when people stick their noses where they don't belong without having all the facts first. You'll see behavior like that on Facebook all the time, but this "Karen" requires no social media to start complaining about something they knew nothing about.

The person or persons called Benton County sheriff's deputies about a ranch in Kennewick that seemed to be neglecting its animals. When deputies arrived it was obvious that some of the animals had suffered from neglect.

Benton County deputies we're going to bring in a local veterinarian to school the caretaker on how to properly feed them, get them the medicine they need and get these animals healthy.

But what they didn't know and found out later is that the owner of the ranch is actually someone with a big heart and was not neglecting the animals at all. The Rancher took in these neglected animals that belonged to someone else who could not properly care for them and was in the process of getting them what they needed to get them back to health. You can read the full story HERE.

Now go home, Karen, and stop bothering people.

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