Small Mom and Pop bars and restaurants across the state have taken such a huge hit during this pandemic. So many have been forced to close their doors and those who are still open are working with skeleton crews to provide take-out. I have been bartending at the Palm Bar and Grill in Benton City for years and unfortunately we have been dramatically impacted by the shut down(s). Just when we were getting back on our feet we were forced to close our indoor dining again. Considering it is literally FREEZING outdoors, outdoor dining is not an option. Therefore we have been reduced to offering only take-out and operating with only one employee, Chuck, who answers the phone, cooks and is the cashier. I took to facebook a few days ago pleading with my friends and family that if they are considering eating out that day, that they consider ordering from the Palm. Things are scary and I fear that if this continues I won't have a job to go back to.

After seeing my plea on facebook, Earl Wright, contacted me and said he wanted to buy lunch! But not for himself, he wanted to buy lunch for the first responders in Benton City and for the boys in blue in West Richland! That is exactly what he did too, he called the bar and ordered a stack of pizzas, buckets of wings and sodas. I cried, I literally cried.

The gesture alone was enough to make my eyes leak, but then I found out Earl is also a small business owner, he owns the Glass Punty in Kennewick, so here is a man with his own pandemic struggles yet he is willing to help out another local small business owner. It really doesn't get much better than that.... Oh wait, but it does get better! He fed our local firefighters and police officers! I was lucky enough to be included in his generosity, I was the one who got to deliver the lunch. What a wonderful gesture! It's stories like these that keeps my head up and I was blessed enough to actually be part of this feel good story. Thanks Earl for making so many people's day, especially mine!

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