According to  the Benton County Coroner, no signs of abuse, or foul play in the death of a woman who was found early Saturday morning.

Coroner Bill Leach said there were no signs of visible trauma or other indications of any cause of death for Tessa West. She was found in a dwelling near 6th Place and Conway Streets, around 2:30AM Saturday morning. Police say a roommate found her. Reports say CPR was administered but she had been dead for several days. The Coroner's report says West was there at least 3-4 days before being found. Police did not say if the roommate or first responders administered the first aid.

It's for that reason, and others, that police say her death is suspicious. Sunday, her abandoned Jeep was found near 4th and Ely streets, and has been towed for investigation. It was located about a mile from where she was found.

The Coroner's office says further information about the cause of death will likely have to wait until toxicology results come back from the State Crime Lab.

Police said earlier during the last couple of weeks, her whereabouts and activities have not been able to be completely determined or verified.

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