How many times does this have to happen before we all stop going to KFC? Hopefully twice is the answer. Three weeks ago a teenager in the UK thought he had been served a giant chicken brain from the fast-food chain. It turned out to be a kidney. On the one hand, gross. On the other hand, at least we're pretty sure that what Redditor six6six4kids found in his order was also a kidney. MAKE IT STOP!According to the story on Reddit, whatever it was tasted "like death," and now he's done with fast food. According to one comment, this has happened at least 10 ten times, and that's just the people who would think to take a picture of it and post it to Reddit.  *Shudder*

Will you be eating KFC again? Or have we finally scared some sense into you? Seriously, don't eat there. This is gross.

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