On 12-12-12 a bicyclist was struck and then dragged under a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, unaware that the bicyclist had been struck and trapped, continued to drive believing the vehicle was suffering a mechanical problem, and tried to move the vehicle off the roadway. The accident was witnessed by employees of Les Schwab Tires and Clearwater Collision and Towing.


These employees took immediate and lifesaving action by stopping the forward progress of the vehicle, lifting and stabilizing the vehicle off of the patient, and starting first aid. These rescuers stayed with the patient and provided care until the Kennewick Fire and Police Departments arrived and began treating the patient.\

An Award of Excellence for Heroism and Rendering Life Saving Assistance was given to: Clearwater Collision and Towing employees Timothy Dean, Stan Berezoskiy, Sean Curtiss, Claudine Quandt, Derek Stangeland, and Angel Bueno-Mendez (Mason Express Driver) and Les Schwab Tire employees Miguel Guillen, Jeff Lizama, and Steven Magana .

I just want to say congratulations to all of those individuals for their quick thinking and bravery.


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