Christmas is right around the corner but gift giving is a year round type deal so even if this won't ship in time why not peruse and get inspired for the current holiday and into 2020.

My Mom, sister-in-law plus my Aunt are all nurses and have mentioned it's tough to keep their hands moisturized with the amount of gloves they are using. This would be perfect for the nurse, Dr. or gloved individual in your life ;)

Now I am not a make-up expert but I've been collecting it with my ipsy subscription for a while. I this would work well for the make-up lover or tea party sandwich enthusiast in your life.

For the fancy pants in your life that spends tons on hair products and appointments. This will help keep their hair sleek and gorgeous while they slumber plus could always grab holiday colors of red and green. Tis the season

I almost passed this up but then I came back. It might seem silly for a non-reader but if you enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee, attempting to do both at the same time can be tricky. In steps this nifty little gadget

I know the struggle. You know the struggle but we don't have to struggle any longer

I currently use an old nacho cheese jar to store my cue tips but this would be so much more fun :)

I gotta be honest, I have started shopping for myself. This is awesome and what a space saver.

For the computer lover in your life. Give them this and reap the benefits once they master websites and who knows what else

I purchased my Panda Planner on cyber Monday and just love it. No dates or years so if I miss a week or even an entire month I can just pick back up. Still figuring out the best way to use it but I love how organized I could potentially get. Gotta start somewhere.

I love writing. It's relaxing and research says you retain more when you write it down but I always find myself with loads of notebooks full of useless info that I can't seem to throw away. Wouldn't it be nice to just wipe it clean and reuse the same notebook? :)

For the eco friendly person in your life this gift is not only classy but for each bracelet purchased a pound of trash is promised to be removed from our oceans. This is a movement that everyone should get behind

At the company Christmas party this year my co-worker literally created a pillow with our CEO's face and shockingly everyone fought over it. There are SO many to choose from but as we all know

“Life will not be contained. Life breaks free. It expands to new territories, crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously.”

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