Kennewick Police on a late-night patrol on Clover Island apprehended a man on several outstanding warrants.

KPD reported that while on Clover Island during a late-night patrol they spotted a vehicle driving with only a small LED light.

KPD stopped the vehicle and soon discovered the driver had two warrants outstanding from Franklin County.

Here is the complete report as filed by the Kennewick Police Department:

On 04/28/21 after midnight, officers were doing extra patrols on Clover Island. Officers observed a pickup operating on a city road using only a small LED axillary light. The officers stopped the vehicle near the lighthouse. The driver, Maclovio Madrigal-Morfin was asked for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. Madrigal-Morfin was only able to provide his Driver’s License.

Madrigal-Morfin’s name was checked and returned with two warrants out of Franklin County and a suspended license. Madrigal-Morfin was placed under arrest for his warrants. He was cited for Driving While License Suspended Third Degree and Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance. Madrigal-Morfin was booked into the Franklin County Jail.

Madrigal-Morfin was cited for driving while their license was suspended and failure to show proof of insurance while driving a motor vehicle.

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