According to court records, the suspect in custody for the kidnapping, and possibly having a hand in the murder of a 69-year-old Kennewick woman, is being held on $1 million dollar bond in the Benton County Jail. The suspect is pictured in a video still image courtesy of our news partner KNDU-TV.

  Former Pasco resident 49-year-old Theresa Wiltse, now living in Connell, claimed in court Monday that two men name "Jose" and "Jesus" helped her abduct Sharon Harris, who's body was found Sunday near I-82 south of Kennewick on Coffin Road.

Court documents and information released by authorities show Harris was abducted from her home shortly before noon Friday, police say there was evidence of an altercation. Harris was able to call her husband around 11:15am, and she told him that they (the kidnappers) have her and were demanding what turned out to be $250,000.

The owner of Ace Jewelry and Loan, Randy Harris, her husband, was able to keep her on the phone while authorities tried to track the phone's location.

A money drop off location near the County Mercantile North of Pasco was arranged, and around 10pm the drop was made. Wiltse was followed by officers, pulled over and arrested by police and the FBI.  Authorities stressed this was not a random act, and despite Wiltse's insistence, police said her role in the kidnapping was much larger than she was indicating.

Police also found blood, cleaning wipes in the back of the rented Ford Edge that Wiltse was driving. There was evidence she tried to clean it up. Sandra Harris was found to have been shot multiple times, but police have not released the type of gun or specific cause of death. Her autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, according to KNDU-TV.

Officials say Harris may have already been dead when Wiltse arrived to pick up the money. Still to be answered are the questions of how Harris died, when she died, cause of death, were there accomplices, and what role did Wiltse play, including if she dumped the body south of Kennewick.

Court records also indicate Wiltse had experience previous financial troubles in the past. As previously reported, authorities say Wiltse was "known" to the couple, who owned Ace Jewelry and Loan, but have not said how.