A Pasco teen has been arrested for kidnapping his younger brother. Pasco Police issued an Amber Alert for 6-year-old Mateo Gordillo over the weekend and now Gordillo's older brother has been taken into custody for kidnapping.

Pasco Police took to their Facebook page last week to post about the missing 6-year-old Mateo Gordillo.

Pasco Police knew that the older brother had taken the boy and sent out alerts to law enforcement agents and the public to get the boy back.

Police posted that they had made an arrest:

Mateo Gordillo has been located and Andres Gordillo is under arrest for kidnapping. Thanks to numerous law enforcement agencies across three states and some Federal government law enforcement for their help in a successful conclusion.

Here was the original posting when the alerts went out to law enforcement officials:

We are still looking for 6-year-old Mateo Gordillo, who was taken early this morning in Pasco by his older 16-year-old brother Andres Gordillo. We have a nationwide arrest warrant for kidnapping in the second degree for Andres Gordillo. Some people have suggested that Mateo was taken because he was in danger at home. We are certain this is not the case. Mateo needs to be reunited with his mother. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the brothers please call 509-628-0333. Thank you for supporting this family in a very difficult time.

Glad the boy is OK and we'll update the story as soon as we get more information concerning the kidnapping.

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