Making flower arrangements is a fun tradition for any family around Easter. It doesn't have to be a costly tradition either. Flowers can be purchased for under $10 a bunch at Costco, and $3 a bunch at Albertson's. Vases can be purchased for a dollar at The Dollar Store.

The process of arranging the flowers is a fun activity for the family and they make excellent Easter gifts for the neighbors. Lillies, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, and stock are in season and would make very elegant centerpieces for every home.
Flowers are believed to have symbolism and meaning. The following are some of the most popular flowers and their meanings:


  • Daffodil symbolizes regard.
  • Forget-me-not symbolizes true love and remembrance.
  • Honeysuckle symbolizes generosity.
  • Hydrangea symbolizes boastfulness.
  • Jasmine symbolizes amiability.
  • Lilac (White) symbolizes youthful innocence.
  • Lily symbolizes majesty.
  • Lily of the Valley symbolizes the return of happiness
  • Magnolia symbolizes perservance.
  • Sweet Pea symbolizes delicate pleasures.
  • Violet symbolizes faithfulness
  • Red Rose symbolizes love, passion, desire and respect.
  • Yellow Rose symbolizes friendship, caring, happiness and freedom.
  • Coral Rose symbolizes desire.
  • Peach Rose symbolizes modesty.
  • Dark Pink Rose symbolizes gratitude and appreciation.
  • Pale Pink Rose symbolizes grace, admiration and sympathetic thoughts.
  • Orange Rose symbolizes fascination and enthusiasm.
  • White Rose symbolizes innocence, reverence, humility and truth.


Even if the language of flowers elludes you, the thought behind the gesture of giving flowers can never be amiss. Whatever it is you wish to communicate to your friends and family may you have a wonderful Easter holiday.

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