Hippity, Hoppity, Easter Egg Hunt Events for Yakima Valley and Ellensburg

Get ready for a fun weekend filled with chasing the Easter Bunny around and looking for delicious treats inside of plastic candy eggs. Easter Sunday is on April 17th, but most of the Easter egg hunt will be held on Saturday. Some churches around will likely have some Easter egg hunts after their services are over on Sunday. I am just mainly focusing on the Easter egg hunts that I've seen listed all over the place from Facebook to regular online searches.

I remember when my daughter Willow used to love to go to Easter egg hunts. The first couple that I went to the parents let the kids run around and it was a hot mess, but thankfully some smart organized people have taken over and made sure that all of the Easter egg hunt events are well attended and civil.

I found an Easter egg hunt located in Ellensburg one in Roslyn, and of course several here in the Yakima area in the upper and lower Valley. See which one appears to you, maybe you will like to take your child to several of these for egg hunts so that they will get off your back!

I am kind of sad that Willow is now officially too old to believe in the Easter Bunny. I used to love waking up early on Sunday morning and hide the little pink and purple and green plastic eggs all over the property on our apartment building. But now she's 11 and says she's too old.

Easter Dog Biscuit Hunt at Rotary Off-Leash Dog Park (Friday)

Easter Egg Hunt at Union Gap School (Saturday)

Easter Egg Hunt at Bron Yr Brewing

Easter Egg Hunt at Wixon Park

Easter Egg Hunt at Ellensburg Foursquare Church

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandview Country Park Events Center

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