Last week we asked you about your favorite way to dye Easter Eggs. Almost all of you just said the traditional PAAS egg-dying kits from the supermarket. That inspired me to give you the weird and interesting history of America's favorite Easter product.

  • PAAS comes from the Dutch word for Easter: Pasen
  • The first Easter Egg dying kit went to market in 1893!
  • You can use liquid food coloring and vinegar. What you're getting in a PAAS kit is the dye in tablets (invented by American food innovator William Townley).
  • PAAS now offers 20 varieties of egg-dying kits.
  • Patton Oswalt has a famous (NSFW) comedy bit about PAAS.
  • The PAAS animated characters got their own movie in 1983 called "Peter and the Magic Egg."

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