Window tinting is a popular modification that car owners opt for not only for privacy reasons but also for aesthetic purposes, but how dark tinted can your vehicle windows be in Washington State?


Though window tinting can make your vehicle cooler and more stylish, it is essential to comply with the legal standards in Washington.

I saw that some states allow as much as 50% tinting but Washington's requirements are a lot more stringent.

I know of a few of my friends who got pulled over when we were teenagers for tinted windows. It seemed like an excuse for police to pull us over but there are reasons why too much tinting can affect your driving and line of sight in a vehicle.

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In Washington State, the law regulates that a certain percentage of light must pass through the car's window after tinting.

The Law on Window Tinting in Washington State

The law mandates that a car owner may not have a front windshield that is tinted other than the top six inches.

The front driver and passenger side windows must allow at least 24% of light transmission.


According to, if you have a multi-purpose vehicle like an SUV or Van, you can have any tint darkness on your back and rear side windows

Red, green, yellow, black, and amber tints are not allowed and must have dual side mirrors for back-tinted windows.

Washington State was one of the last states in 2011 to adopt window-tinting laws.

Enforcing Window Tinting Laws in Washington State

Law enforcement uses a device called a photometer or a light meter to measure the amount of light that passes through the window.

If the amount of light transmission fails this test, you can get fined a minimum of $136. Moreover, if you ignore the fine, state officials will cancel your vehicle registration.

Benefits and Risks of Window Tinting on Your Car

Window tinting provides various benefits, including UV protection, reduced glare, and a cooler and more comfortable ride but tinting also comes with risks, such as reduced visibility and possible accidents from the reduced light transmission.


It's essential to consider the risks and benefits of window tinting before committing to the modification but as my teenage son says, let's do it!

If you have ever wondered what level of window tinting is allowed in Washington State, now you know. If I had this information as a teenager, I'm sure it would've saved some of my friends a ticket or two.

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