With the news of Leslie Carter’s passing still fresh, rumors about the cause of death of the sister of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are beginning to surface. Carter, an aspiring singer and mother of a young daughter, was supposedly in the grip of a prescription medication addiction. The battle had intensified in the days leading up to her death. While the family’s statement did not share the cause of death and requested privacy, other family members believe she overdosed.

TMZ reports that Carter, 25, relocated from Canada to upstate New York in order to live with family members while she attempted to beat her addiction. The family members had emptied the home of prescription meds like Xanax so as not to tempt Carter. They had hoped she was close to recovery.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, family members allegedly left her alone while they ran errands for an hour. Upon returning, they found her unconscious. By the time help arrived, she was beyond being saved. It is said that her daughter was not on the premises at the time of her death.

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