This story made me smile this morning when I spotted it on social media. Threads Consignment Boutique located in downtown Kennewick just started 'Operation Warm Up' by leaving a rack filled with warm coats in front of their shop, here's how it works

 It is December and our 3rd annual PROJECT WARM UP has officially started!!! As we get into the colder season, we always notice people outside without warm winter wear. It has become so important to us to help provide warmth of any kind for those in need! The idea? If you are in need of a coat, take one! Would like to donate to help support? Leave one! Drop them off at any time, there will be empty hangers on the rack.
I absolutely love this in a news article the store owners say it warms her heart when she sees empty hangers just knowing someone else is staying warm today!
Keep up the good work I know where I'll be dropping a coat today!

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