Last summer Faith and I auditioned for a bit part in a movie called  Cement Suitcase and to my complete surprise we got small speaking roles. Apart from being a really cool experience it was also neat to see how a movie is filmed. I only had three or four lines but it took hours to do the actual scene… who knew?

The movie is written and directed by Rick Castaneda, who is from the Yakima Valley and moved to California to study filmmaking at USC.

The Cement Suitcase is a comedy about Franklin (played by Dwayne Bartholomew) who the best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley. He’s awesome at a job he hates, he’s in love with a girl who’s cheating on him, and he ends up renting a room to the same guy that broke into his house. Clearly, he’s close to the edge. When the man who’s having an affair with his girlfriend invites him out for golfing lessons, it might just be the tipping point.

Since this is an independent film made on shoestring budget Lead Balloon studios is looking for backers to help raise the $12,000 it will take to move this project forward.

I love the trailer and the fact that it is filmed in the Yakima Valley. They even got the "Welcome to the Palm Springs Of Washington" sign in the footage. Check out the trailer.

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