Last week I took some video footage of the Duportail Bridge as it's getting ready to open but the word is now that opening is moving from November to December

In a press release from the City of Richland, the reasons behind the delay are explained.

The opening of the long-anticipated Duportail Bridge is coming soon, but later than originally planned. Contractors now anticipate the entire corridor, including the bridge and intersection of Duportail Street and SR240, will open in December 2020.

While construction on the Duportail Bridge itself is complete, the lack of essential components required to complete the intersection traffic signals has forced a delay. There have been unexpected challenges in obtaining necessary supplies.

Production facilities across the country have either been closed or are behind schedule as a result of the coronavirus. Therefore, the intersection of Duportail Street and SR240 cannot be reopened until the traffic signal is complete.

A portion of the bridge remains open from Queensgate Drive and Duportail to the new Tanglewood Drive intersection but access is limited to residents who work or reside between Queensgate and SR240.

The City of Richland will publicize the opening date of the bridge once it is confirmed and plans to hold a virtual grand opening. More information about the bridge can be found at

So a simple lack of supplies for the traffic lights is hindering the completion of the project.

I know residents are excited for the bridge to open, I was a few weeks back and grabbed some video of going over the bridge, albeit the one way the bridge was open to traffic.

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