Madonna has been a rabble-rouser her whole career and it’s not like she is going to stop now. Madge brought fake firearms on stage on Saturday (July 21) in Scotland, despite pleas from authorities not to do so. Her actions were in incredibly poor taste given the recent tragic shooting in Colorado.

Despite the tragedy in her U.S. homeland on Friday, July 20, where 12 people were shot dead and 58 others were injured during a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ in Aurora, Colorado, Madge still handled a machine gun and a pistol onstage at her Edinburgh gig at the Murrayfield Stadium. That’s pretty insensitive of her.

According to WENN, the Material Girl was advised to remove the image and/or replicas of firearms and weapons, in light of the Colorado massacre. But she still took the stage armed with a pistol and an AK47 assault rifle, which she has brandished during each and every MDNA gig.

The guns may be props, but in light of the recent tragedy, continuing to include the artillery in her stage show was really tacky on Madonna’s part.

Madge’s MDNA tour has been fraught with controversy from the get-go. First, she ignored a warning to remove an image of French politico Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her person, and now faces legal action. Then, she faced protests from a Catholic group in Poland since her show falls on a solemn remembrance day. Promoters were able to appease the complainants by adding a WWII clip to the front of the concert, to show respect for the Warsaw uprising against the Nazis.

Do you think Madonna’s refusal to remove guns from her show was insensitive, PopCrushers?

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