It happens when you are trying to do the right thing and it literally backfires on you, a man in Kennewick started a grass fire while trying to prevent a fire.

Kennewick Fire Department responded to a fire burning near Edison Street Monday afternoon.

Kennewick Fire Department reported that the incident took place in a vacant lot next to the Edison Village apartments around noon.

The man started mowing grass to actually prevent a grass fire, and then the mower's blade clipped a rock, setting off a spark, that caused the fire.

The man tried to put out the fire himself, but it quickly got out of control. He got lucky and the fire was put out by the Kennewick Fire Department and other Benton County Fire Crews.


The Kennewick Fire Department recommend avoiding mowing dead grass or weeds and use a weed whacker instead.

The complete story is right here from KEPR-TV -----> Fire Details

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