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There's nothing funny about porch pirates (the new term for the growing problem of package theft) but some of the solutions for how to deal with them are.

West Richland police posted a warning about some recent activity in their area on their Facebook page Thursday. It included some recent security pictures of packages being stolen off citizens' front porches by thieves, or porch pirates.

There have been stories about people putting 'booby trapped' boxes with anything from poop to 'exploding' compounds inside boxes, with the hope of teaching porch pirates a lesson.

But we haven't seen this. A man named Keith posted on the West Richland PD story, offering to deliver a package full of 'poop' which a homeowner can then set out on their porch in plain view, for the purpose of an unpleasant surprise for a thief.

Apparently he's serious, he also told others on the thread to send him a personal message. No word if he charges, but this could be the start of a growing business. However, some say the legal ramifications could present an issue.

Nonetheless, we like his moxie and ideas! We thought about rigging a booby trap ourselves, but authorities probably don't like 'exploding boxes' full of doggie do.

west richland police