Everyone knows there are times we really want to get off work early. But this method probably wasn’t the best idea in the long run!

A 24-year-old Portsmouth Naval Base civilian employee is due in court today to face charges he allegedly set fire to a nuclear submarine because he wanted to get off work early! Casey James Fury is facing charges related to the blaze that caused $400 million worth of damage to the U.S.S. Miami at the naval base May 23. After failing a lie detector test, Fury admitted he suffers from an anxiety disorder and wanted to get off work early!

He is also being charged for another fire June 16 at the shipyard. The submarine fire injured a number of firefighters, who fought the blaze for 12 hours. He told authorities he takes a “cocktail” mixture of anti-anxiety medications.

He will probably need more of them if convicted for his crimes — he could be facing life in prison.

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