Last night, Tony & I went to a place I'd never been before!

Cool Ceiling

They were holding a fundraiser for a friend of a friend of a friend...Fire Fighter Rex Green who is battling cancer. So, we thought we'd go support the event! And decided to meet some friends there.


Whitney Andrews

It's a small place, and it was quite packed with people. I even ran into a few people I knew, including a server Whitney Andrews! Who is just awesome!

Everyone seemed to be having a fun time! It was quite loud in there with chatter! But, the service was excellent, the food came FAST! And it was DELICIOUS!


Coconut Shrimp

I understand the appeal is the 50 or so different beers on TAP! I'm not really a beer drinker, and they had all kinds of flavors I've never heard of...So I tried one. It was strong, but pretty yummy!


Apparently, the owner travels all over and gets unique kegs from different places all the time. So, people like to come and taste whatever is on TAP that week!

Anyway, I think the night was a success! We had a great time! Check it out sometime! But be prepared to have to talk LOUD, if you want a conversation!

It's on Lee Blvd in Richland.

But, remember NEVER to drink and drive!


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