Disney already released a live-action Aladdin this year and a live-action The Lion King. This fall they have another live-action remake — Lady and the Tramp — but this one will be premiering on Disney+. You know what that means: Adorable dog photos!

People had the premiere of the photos introducing the live-action cast of the new Lady and the Tramp. You can compare the real thing to the cartoon versions above. There’s definitely a resemblance!

And here’s a handy guide to the main dogs and their respective voices. Justin Theroux plays Tramp, who is portrayed by a rescue named Monte. (Great dog name, IMO.) Tessa Thompson is Lady, AKA a Cocker Spaniel named Rose. Sam Elliott, the human embodiment of a bloodhound, is the bloodhound Trusty, and Benedict Wong is the bulldog Bull:

The new live-action Lady and the Tramp will premiere on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, when the site launches on November 12. Good or bad, it seems like a very smart move to debut the service with its own exclusive version of these live-action Disney remakes that remain hugely popular in theaters. And these dogs are freaking adorable to boot.

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