Matt Fiddes, Michael Jackson‘s former bodyguard, can’t seem to get his story straight when it comes to MJ’s youngest son, Prince Michael Jackson II, aka Blanket. Fiddes says he now believes he is Blanket’s biological father, and he wants visitation rights so his mother can see her alleged grandson.

Fiddes, who describes himself as a friend of Jackson and “unofficial bodyguard” who was never on the singer’s payroll, once said he was unclear about the paternity and didn’t want to pursue custody, but now he’s changed his tune.

Fiddes says in 2001 he donated sperm for the King of Pop. The 32-year-old claims he heard that Jackson told a friend that he chose Fiddes’ sperm “because he wanted an athletic child.” The bodyguard makes clear that he’s not 100% sure he is the biological father, but he’s had numerous friends tell him the resemblance between him and Blanket is remarkable.

The bodyguard reportedly tells the Globe (via AOL) that his mother has cancer and he wants her to get to know Blanket, if the child is indeed her grandson. Fiddes has three other children.

Back in 2010, Fiddes told TMZ that he suspected he might be Blanket’s dad, but he had no intention of trying to get custody. “As far as I’m concerned, Michael Jackson is the father,” Fiddes said at the time. “If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael’s children … I don’t want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private.”

If Fiddes wants the world to believe he’s the real father, there’s one way to prove it. If Justin Bieber was willing to consent to a paternity test, surely Fiddes can do the same to clear up the confusion once and for all. AOL reports he is willing to do just that, if the Jackson family agrees.

Watch the Matt Fiddes Interview About Blanket Jackson

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