It certainly wasn't the crisis that Portland saw (look at that traffic camera!), but it snowed. It also wasn't the 20 inches of snow my mom got up in Bend, OR, but if are like me you'll take what you can get.

These are totals from this last storm, not the actual snow depth. For example, Walla Walla got 4.5 inches of snow, but now has 8 inches on the ground.

It is important to remember that even if a certain report is in your city, your snowfall might be different. Please, tell us how much snow you got and what area you are in so we can add you to the list!


Hermiston this morning. Source: Jade McDowell
Source: Jade McDowell

6.5 inches - Ukiah (10.5-inch depth)
6.0 inches - Pendleton (9-inch depth)
6.0 inches - Hermiston
6.0 inches - Adams
5.5 inches - Heppner (5-inch depth)
5.0 inches - Walla Walla (8-inch depth)
4.5 inches - Boardman
4.5 inches - Kennewick
4.0 inches - Meacham (19-inch depth)
4.0 inches - Dayton
4.0 inches - So. Richland
4.0 inches - Ice Harbor Dam

Now that the snow is gone, it's time for the part I'm not super happy about! For Friday and Saturday we can look forward to highs between 10 and 15 degrees, with some areas possibly getting below 0 overnight.

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